Huzzah! You made it to my blog! 

My name is Hannah Chu. I'm a 21 year old, full time student entering my Senior year at my dream school UCLA. Meaning I'm about to graduate and am going to be forced to be a "real" person with a "real" job and make "real" mature decisions, but let's not dive into that now. I originate from Fullerton, CA and now am residing in the busy city of Los Angeles, CA. I'm part of the dance community. Starting from the wee age of 8, I've trained, performed, and competed at various competitions in Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. Currently I am hipping and hopping on UCLA's ACA Hip Hop while being the team's Stylist. Go me.
My dreams and aspirations? to make an impact somewhere, somehow...
Plans after i graduate school? uh hi..I have yet to figure that out. So let's wait and see.

I have a father who loves food and golf, a mother who dreamed of being Michael Jackson's back dancer, a younger brother who is in his first year at Columbia University, and a dog who gets dressed up in doggie clothes...yes we're one of those people who style their little white puppies.

I enjoy drinking Starbucks, splurging on dimsum, movie hopping, cooking, baking, hoarding clothes/shoes/accessories/#younameit, and instagramming. 

Until I figure out more stuff about me...Sayonara