Friday, October 25, 2013

Sporting Leather

I've just noticed how much black and white clothing I have accumulated over the past few weeks. This black and white leather bomber jacket was a perfect piece to add to my fall collection. The leather is extremely soft and this jacket keeps me insanely warm during the cold nights in LA! Thank you Choies for this Black and White bomber jacket. It's way too perfect! I paired this outfit with my nike's just to add to the "sporty-ness" while keeping my feet comfortable during a long shopping day. The backwards hat..just because.

Black Snapback-Friend//Bomber Jacket-Choies//Striped crop top-TopShop//Denim-Urban Outfitters//Nike Free Runs

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blush Boutique Babe

If you haven't heard of Blush Boutique, you're behind. I've got the incredible opportunity to collab with them! They're style ranges from cutesy to totally edgy, which I love because it attracts all styles! They're Miami swag is something to look out for! They were kind enough to feature me on their blog so please go to their website and check it out! 
For those of you who fell in love with their stuff like I did, you can use the promo code: Nativeflowers10 for a discounted price at checkout!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LemonAmy Day

Here are some photos from my date with Amy from Vagabond Youth. She's the cutest quirkiest girl I've met! We're both from the same hometown area and now live in Westwood where we attend UCLA.  It's been long overdue, but we finally decided to meet for lunch at my favorite spot in West LA. The refreshing taste of all the salads along with my tangy Peach Ginger lemonade was so satisfying. Amy and I enjoyed our lunch along with constant chatter about our personal lives. Surprisingly, we have a lot in common! There definitely will be more dates to come!!

Dress: Brandy Melville// Hat and Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Necklaces: DTLA// Backpack: Goodwill 
Photos by: Amy Lee

Friday, September 20, 2013

BBQ & Flannels

If you haven't been to M-Grill in Los Angeles, it's one of the few brazilian bbq places we have here. Everyone should go soon because it's 25% off all of September...and let me tell you; It's Worth It. 
My boyfriend and I sped on over to Koreatown to make it there for lunch and luckily enough we got there with 10 minutes left. I definitely made out with the Parmesan Picanya...I'm drooling just thinking about all that flavor.

Here I'm wearing my new white crop top from F21 paired with my favorite jean shorts. These jean shorts definitely mean A LOT to me because they were my moms! I found it in her closet laying in an old box. They definitely had been a staple in my mom's wardrobe back in the day because the leg of the jeans had turned a weird color and had so many holes. I asked her if I can hack off the legs and wear them and she graciously gave them to me! ^^ 

Photographed by: Ryan Chang
Top: Forever21// Bottoms: Mama's old jeans// Flannel: Target// Doc Martens// Sunglasses: Streets of New York

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nasty Gals do Do it Better

Photos from: Nastygal

Nasty Gal's Fall Collection. Literally this rad collection with the right amount of chic does not need any written text to justify it's perfect-ness. This is bad-assery at it's finest and my bank account is definitely going to be in trouble. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Fall Look


Again, I apologize for my MIA-ness. Summer has been overwhelming! I am back and once I have the opportunity to start shooting myself again I'll update right away! Meanwhile, Fall is definitely coming. I slowly feel it with the evening chill breeze blowing. So it was only natural for me to create a look featuring the perfect fall pieces. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black and White Tomboy

Black&White Tomboy

First off, I would like to apologize for my blogging hiatus. Summer in the motherland was jampacked with my internship, partying with my posse, and indulging on delicious foods! The weather in Korea is actually the worst during the summer...literally THE worst. It's hot, humid, sticky, and the rain is unpredictable. Here's a look I created hopefully for my wardrobe in the future! Black and White are my two favorite colors and I love me some tomboy. Therefore I decided to fuse the two trends together!  The contrast between these two colors along with the "tomboy" style gives such a simple yet dynamic feel to the outfit. I love pairing black and white pieces with silver jewelry. It's just perfect. Only two more days until I'm back to my beautiful California!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Sunglasses from Dupont //Hawaiian Top from Savers//Skort from Zara//Shoes from Kstyleme//Purse from DTLA//Lips (Honolulu Honey) By Nars

Lotte world, seriously a korean form of Disneyland. Everyone here has a smile on their face, walking around excited to ride the next ride...except me of course. I absolutely hate rollercoasters. People die on them. They're way too fast and I hate that butterfly feeling one gets when speeding downhill into a drop of death. I do not get the "thrill" others seem to enjoy. However, since I am getting older, I felt that it's only normal to get over your childhood fears. Therefore, yes I rode them. I had mixed emotions. Yes, I felt the thrill, and Yes it was kind of fun, but I don't think I'd volunteer myself to go to Six Flags anytime soon.

The weather was blazing hot. It was humid and my head was hurting from seeing so many cheesy "couple tee's" everywhere. I guess it's a korean thing where you MUST wear matching shirts with your significant other when coming to Lotte world. Some people took it to an extreme. I see grown men walking around in a Rhinestoned YSL t-shirt and bright printed pants that their girlfriends are also really? haha

Since the weather was extra unbearable, I decided to dress somewhat "cool" today. I wore my thrifted Hawaiian print top and paired it with the ever so famous Zara skort. I love how the classy "sleekness" of the skort balances out the super casual vibe the top gives. It makes my top look a little more expensive than what I bought it for, doesn't it?? haha (*I bought this shirt for $3 dollars!) 

Anyways, I'm probably never going to get used to the weather here:( The humidity ruins my hair and makes me look like an old korean lady...aka 아줌마 (Ahjummah).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans and Muscle Tees

Muscle Tee & Boyfriend Jeans from Urban Outfitters//Belt from Goodwill//JC Flatforms from Nordstrom//Studded Purse from DTLA//Michael Kors Watch from Boyfriend//Sunglasses from Raybans

For those of you who don't know, I'm living in Korea for the majority of the summer to A: intern at a marketing company, B: better myself in the language and culture of my ancestors, C: shop til' i drop, and D: come back to the states as an educated mature transformed lady. har har. 
Even though I'll be busy in Korea, I'm definitely going to dedicate time to posting on my blog so you can be updated on my trip here. Yay me. :)

This is the second day of my trip. This day consisted of eating way past the "full" limit of my body, walking around the streets, coffee always, and drinking at night. Drinking here is so casually done here. I guess it's the same in the states as well, but usually I prepare myself for a night's festivities. Here on the other hand, it's dinner, then walking around, then "hey let's get drunk at some chicken restaurant". And then it's some fried chicken and beer along with some hazy memory of what happened. dammit. 

My outfit of the day here centered around being comfortable. The weather here is extremely humid and gross. I hate it. This light graphic muscle tee along with my boyfriend jeans did the trick! I love how these bright orange colored flatforms contrast the simple outfit I have on. These shoes will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe, and lucky me I bought these babies half off. YIPPEE!