Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans and Muscle Tees

Muscle Tee & Boyfriend Jeans from Urban Outfitters//Belt from Goodwill//JC Flatforms from Nordstrom//Studded Purse from DTLA//Michael Kors Watch from Boyfriend//Sunglasses from Raybans

For those of you who don't know, I'm living in Korea for the majority of the summer to A: intern at a marketing company, B: better myself in the language and culture of my ancestors, C: shop til' i drop, and D: come back to the states as an educated mature transformed lady. har har. 
Even though I'll be busy in Korea, I'm definitely going to dedicate time to posting on my blog so you can be updated on my trip here. Yay me. :)

This is the second day of my trip. This day consisted of eating way past the "full" limit of my body, walking around the streets, coffee always, and drinking at night. Drinking here is so casually done here. I guess it's the same in the states as well, but usually I prepare myself for a night's festivities. Here on the other hand, it's dinner, then walking around, then "hey let's get drunk at some chicken restaurant". And then it's some fried chicken and beer along with some hazy memory of what happened. dammit. 

My outfit of the day here centered around being comfortable. The weather here is extremely humid and gross. I hate it. This light graphic muscle tee along with my boyfriend jeans did the trick! I love how these bright orange colored flatforms contrast the simple outfit I have on. These shoes will definitely become a staple in my wardrobe, and lucky me I bought these babies half off. YIPPEE!

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  1. These looks really good on you, makes you look stylish!

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