Monday, June 3, 2013

Feeling Resort-y

Sunglasses from Raybans//Crop tee from Brandy Melville//Resort Skirt from Cotton-on//Lucky Brand Boots//Lips (Media) By Mac

Remember back in the day, when your dad would put on that Hawaiian print button up and you'd just stare at him with your judgmental eyes? You'd think in your head, "Dad, you look so stupid". Well who's the stupid one now? Me. Gosh darnit. 
Resort/Hawaiian prints have become one of my favorite patterns lately, and I tend to buy anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has a cool tropical vibe to it. When my roommate picked up this skirt at Cotton-On, she said she immediately thought I would like it, and therefore what'd I do? I bought it with  no hesitation. Talk about predictable.
I love how this pattern makes any outfit feel, well GOOD. It gives off just the perfect amount of flirty and girly. If you ever find anything remotely tropical like, mail it to me and I'll love you for days.

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