Friday, June 7, 2013

June's Gloom

Beanie from Urban Outfitters//Sunglasses from Raybans//Striped Tee from Brandy Melville//Vintage Bomber Jacket is Secondhand//Discopants from American Apparel//Nike Freeruns are gifted//Lips (Hang Up) By Mac

Studying at my apartment ends up being an epic fail. My roommate and I always end up going to either Starbucks, K-town, or Volcao Tea house. We pretend we're like super hipsters studying at cafe's and shit, but in reality, we're just on facebook and sipping on our caffeinated drinks. Because lately, Starbuck's internet has been slacking we decided to go to our usual Volcano Tea House. The internet is great, and it's pretty empty during the day. My roommate and I concluded that when the sun is up this boba house is crawling with the whitest of white people and when the moon rises, Asians magically crowd the area.  
Today's outfit centered around my mood. LAZY AS SHIT. Because my whole outfit was as dark as the sky, I wanted to add a pop of color and my beanie did just that. Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors...maybe it's because I can literally eat mustard with anything. These disco pants added a certain edge especially paired with my black Nike Frees. I realized wearing running shoes with REAL outfits is like the new thing, and I guess I joined that bandwagon. Who knew gym wear would become the new fad?? 
Shoutout to all the UC students out there. Finals can suck a....(insert word choice here)


  1. Love your outfit. You look amazing =) love your blog!

    1. awh thank you! you're way too sweet<3